by The Cold Shoulder

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released May 23, 2017


all rights reserved



The Cold Shoulder Göttingen, Germany


Hardcore band from Goettingen, Germany

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Track Name: Lost Cause
Lost Cause

The world all around you
Is drowning in the glow
Turning the -wheel- of the law-
Sell yourself as the good guy
Dead on the inside
I will - uncover your false truth

No Innocence
No Inno - cence

You're praying
For forgiveness
No reason
For forgiveness

1,19 I have no hope in you
Track Name: Nothing Left
You didn't forgive me
You didn't change your sight
Cover your heart up
Before you´re getting weak agaaaiin
There is no need for hope

Hope is keeping us alive
Someone will always suffer
When all chances lost
This door is locked forever
You will never know
If this was the final kiss

You won´t give your life for love
You rather bleed alone
So try to hate me
No loving - no contact

Bury this broken dream
This romance is - dead
Track Name: Mind Kill
Crows picked away - the good that´s left in me
Crows picked away - the good that´s left in me

You live and you die

They´re out they´re out - I set them free
The fucking demons that lived inside of me

For years I suffered I stood up to this shit
And now they´re gone – But I´m still feeling sick

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Farewell to the vicious circle of life
To the right and to the wrong
It´s the evil that makes you suffeeer
In this hell you call a life

Is this really what you want?
Is this truly what you need?

You came in my life - when I was down and broken
Brought back hope in these days
We quickly understood
That we compare perfectly

You´ve earned so many points of sympathy
The sadness in your eyes brought you even closer to me

I still remember how you made
Every imaginable effort
Just to please me
And I was so fucking happy to've met a person like you
But everything that starts so splendid
Can end way too soon
So you realize that your heart´s still locked
But I gave - MINE TO YOU

So I had
To Let

So I have to say it one more time

I only hope there is a second chance
For you and me
In my dreams it´s still us against the world
And this endless figth with empathy
Track Name: Hopeless
On step forward – two steps back

It´s a terrible feeling
The sun is shining bright
But in your world it's the coldest winter
So you speak out these painful words
That scare me the most

„I want to die
With no drive for hanging on
In a life that feels so empty
feet deep is where I belong“

Brother believe me
I can understand your pain
I know how it feels like
When you're lying down and can´t get up

Cause you lost all hope and don´t know why

No one has the right to stop you
When you decide to go
It´s your own choice
Even if it hurts

I will still hold you in my heart
Another victim in this loveless world
We both know after life comes nothing
And we won´t meet at the other side

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